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Medical Foot Care Treatment

Initial Assessment & Treatment

The initial appointment includes a complete medical history, nursing assessments, footwear inspections (if required), nursing diagnosis and personalized plan of care. This also includes the first treatment for your feet (antimicrobial foot soak - in clinic setting only) & Medical Foot Care Treatment which may include: Diabetic Foot Care, Ingrown Toenail care, Thick toenails, Corns and Callus removal etc.). The treatment will end with a light massage and a comforting warm towel. The nurse will treat anything she is able to in the time allotted for the appointment.

Follow Up Medical Footcare Treatment

At your initial assessment, we recommend a care plan for your specific foot problems (typically every 6-8 weeks to keep your feet healthy and free from complications).  At your follow up treatment, any care required and able to be performed in the time allotted will be completed.

Fingernail Trim & File – Available for extra cost only in addition to a footcare treatment

*Please note – our nurses do not apply polish. Foot soak is only provided in home if the patient provides their own basin/supplies (for infection control) 

Footcare nurse using scalpel on callus
Foot Care Nurse trimming toenails
Footcare nurse using file on callus

* Our Clinic also offers home visits including Hospitals, Retirement/LTC Homes & Group homes.*

Steam Sterilized and packaged instruments

+ Assessment of the feet and legs

+ Medical history as it applies to the feet

+ Nail care: cleaning, cutting and filing

+ Corn & Callus care

+ Padding or light packing of tender areas

+ Removal of ingrown nails (non-surgical)

+ Moisturizing and massaging of the feet

+ Management of diabetic feet

+ Education & recommendations

You can rest assured that when you visit Sole Renewal Footcare & Wellness, all tools used during your treatment remain sterile until time of use. We follow Public Health Ontario guidelines for reprocessing of foot care equipment. This means that we use a steam sterilizing autoclave and test each individual pouch using indicators for sterility prior to each use.

What we offer:

In addition to Medical Foot Care Treatments, we have a wide variety of at home products that will compliment your routine footcare services including; clinically proven Footlogix foam lotions, Footlogix anti-fungal solutions, Diabetic Socks, Offloading Footcare Products, Compression Socks, Sock Donners, Off the shelf Orthopedic Footwear, Plantar Fasciitis sleeves and more!

ToeFX for Toenail Fungus


Onyfix Toenail Bracing

Onyfix brace on toenail
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